…brilliant nursing bras from TOMgirl.  The Perfect Pregnancy Bra has a back closure, made with Velcro that adjusts eight or more inches to ease you through weight changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. They don't have underwires and they have the nice padding in the cups to minimize headlights and the charming drink-coaster look you get from nursing pads. You can sleep in it and the open hooks allow for nursing. Reviewed by Amy, Pregnant Chicken Blog

Amazingly comfortable bra! I have been having problems trying to find a bra that fits and looks good with my ever changing body. This has been a total heaven send! I would recommend it to every one. Reviewed by Coco

I haven't found a single nursing bra that is comfortable for me...not only is this bra super comfortable (I can wear it all day), it also makes my boobs LOOK GOOD!! Everything about it rocks...I'm telling all my friends:) Reviewed by Erica Heller

My absolute favorite bras, hands down! Superb customer service, quick shipping, and such a lovely, comfortable lingerie. I can't recommend highly enough--get one! Reviewed by Amy Fisher

I love this--it is super comfy, and the adjustable band (!!!) is great. I initially ordered this in a size larger than what I needed, and exchanging it was a breeze. Great product, great customer service. Thanks! Reviewed by Katherine

I was so happy when the bra arrived (quickly!). This is the best pregnancy bra ever. I wore my first one out, wearing it every day I went out in public for the first 7 months of my pregnancy; no other bra fit properly nor gave me the needed support (I tried at least 10 other bras). This one will carry me through til baby comes! Soft, comfortable, grows with me. Excellent! Reviewed by cckaulbach


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